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Rumplestiltskin Card Game

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After the defeat of The Trinity, Rumplestiltskin decided it was his time to reign.  Knowing that there are heroes and heroines that would thwart him, he teleports in and out of towns to kill them in their sleep.
Upon each death, townsfolk were quick to accuse their friends as imposters under the guise of Rumplestiltskin and have them burned at the stake.

Who will you believe?

Rumplestiltskin in a fun, narrative, group game like it's genre, but with a Fairytale Games Universe twist.
Included in the box:  (42 cards)
10 x Village Cards
1 x  Fairy Godmother (Healer)
1 x Mad Hatter (Lunatic)
1 x Huntsman (Hunter)
1 x Prince Charming (Protector)
1 x Sheriff of Nottingham (Sheriff)
1 x Mary (Child)
1 x Esmeralda (Alchemist)
1 x Captain Hook (Double Agent)
3 x Rumplestiltskin Cards
10 x Personality Bonus Cards
6 x Spell Cards
5 x Dud Cards

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