Master Craft Alice in Wonderland Special Edition

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Master Craft Alice in Wonderland Special Edition - Beast Kingdom

Alice In Wonderland, one of Disneys seminal animations is now recreated by the team at Beast Kingdoms Entertainment Experience Brand in a delightfully new Master Craft creation. The MC-037 Alice, is a wonderfully detailed statue that brings the graceful character to life from one of her famous scenes. Perched under a tree, whilst reading her favorite book, Alice is driven by the bug of curiosity and falls into a dreamlike wonderland after following White Rabbit. What curiosities will Alice find, and where will her journey take her, that is the essence of this fantastical story!

With the Master Craft series, precision craftmanship, hand painted and hand sculpted creations are brought to life like no other. Take home the leisurely looking Alice, just before her journey to Wonderland and marvel at how calm composed and relaxed she is. Sitting on top of a mushroom, and drinking her favorite cup of tea, the Drink Me and Eat Me potions are included for fans to recreate the famous scene from the movie. Make sure to take home this high quality statue from Alice In Wonderland, and find your very fantastical world to visit!

The MC-037SP Alice In Wonderland Master Craft Alice is a limited color variant edition. The main difference with the standard edition is that her dress is painted with cloudy white and blue pattern, while the mushroom is in purple color.

Special Features Accessories Include Drink Me (Water Bottle) Eat Me (Cookies)

Limited to 1,951 pcs worldwide