Master Craft Winnie the Pooh Special Edition

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"Winnie the Pooh" with a cute chubby belly, a lovable smile and an endless appetite for honey is back! The sweetest bear from Disney is about to accompany you on an adventure full of sticky honey and charm~

The Master Craft series of highly accurate recreations of pop-cultural icons is back with the release of a hand-made, hand-painted work of art. The MC-020SP Winnie The Pooh statue continues the collection of Disney related releases with professional grade painting and a focus on fine details as well as a stand designed like a tree. 

Recreating the innocent, cute, yet greedy look of the infamous bear, covered with bees and the classic honey jar, the statue gives collectors the opportunity to own a limited edition pearl colored variant. The new design is perfectly ready to be hugged and added to a collection fit for any Winnie The Pooh fan! Order yours from an official Beast Kingdom outlet today! 

Special Features:

  • Unique coloring with dazzling paint effect
  • Hand painted and manufactured to the highest quality 
  • Individually numbered iron plaque 
  • Globally limited to only 999 sets

Material: Polystone

Product Measurements: W26.5 x D23.5 x H32