Rapunzel Flat Back Statue

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Tangled Rapunzel Flat Back Statue - English Ladies Co

Joining our Flat Back Disney character range is Rapunzel. The Rapunzel Flat back shows off her luscious locks and her traditional purple dress. All our Flatbacks make for wonderful gifts as they are very versatile and can be displayed as wall hangers, ornaments or as bookends. All our Flatbacks are delicately made out of fine bone china, which means they are of high quality, therefore, are a gift that will last a lifetime. Our product developers work so hard to ensure that our figurines are just like the characters in the films, this means that they are hand decorated and hand-painted to make sure that the details are perfect.

The Rapunzel Flat Back is perfect to give to young girls who love Disney princesses, as it is something they can grow up with and is displayed with the beautiful message, “let your light shine” to show our young girls to not shy away from being themselves. Make sure that you check out our full flatback collection and collect them all.